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Smelly Situation: Foot Sniffer On The Loose

Police are searching for a man caught crawling under library tables to sniff feet at Florida International University.
Posted at 12:32 PM, Sep 15, 2015

So, there's a guy who fancies Floridian feet. And he's been sneaking around a college library in order to take a big whiff of them.

It's an easy story to laugh at, because it's a headline we couldn't have made up. 

"I know I laughed, I have to admit that, and some of the students laughed that we talked to, but police say that this is no laughing matter," a WTVJ reporter said

The Florida International University Police Department said the man was crawling under tables at the library, sniffing feet. (Video via WFOR)

"I think that's pretty insane,"  one person said. 

"I think it's pretty disrespectful," another person told WFOR.

Authorities are still looking for the man, who buzzed off on his scooter — because escaping on foot would have been too perfect.