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VIRAL: Deer Breaks Into Furniture Store And Jumps On Beds

A deer went bounding through a furniture store and decided to jump on the beds. Looks like a lot of fun to us.
Posted at 1:29 PM, Oct 27, 2014

It sounds like any kid's dream: getting locked inside a store, jumping on the beds all night long. 

Well, who says a deer wouldn't love the same thing?

AMY ROBACH VIA ABC"Look at that! Hop, hop, hop, hop! Went right for the mattress section. Had a blast jumping from bed to bed. And you know what, this deer was no amateur — when it was done playing, it just went up and opened the door with its antlers."

The bouncing buck was at Simpson Furniture in Iowa. Hey, a deer has to get his workout somehow. 

OWNER OF SIMPSON FURNITURE VIA KWWL"We're just laughing. We're just laughing, especially when we saw him just nonchalantly at the end open the door and just walk out like, 'OK, done with my shopping.'"

The deer can check that off his bucket list. And they've been known to make other unexpected visits, too. Sometimes they want to check into hotels, give their hooves a rest ...

AINSLEY EARHARDT FOR FOX NEWS"Watch as a deer just barrels through a hotel lobby right here. ... Got all the way to the bathroom before it got stuck. ... Surprisingly, the deer didn't do any damage to the hotel."

And deer aren't always out for sheer fun in a furniture store or relaxation in a hotel.

Recently, there was a deer who just wanted to learn a thing or two at Eastern High School in Michigan. Lansing State Journal says it was an "up-close-and-personal look at wildlife."

Sounds like a good science lesson to us. 

This video includes music from Kevin MacLeod / CC BY 3.0.