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Victim Arrested After Sheriff's Deputy Crashes Into Her

In a surprising twist on the case of a woman who was accused of drunkenly crashing into a patrol car, a report suggests it was the officer's fault.
Posted at 1:27 PM, May 05, 2014

A Milwaukee sheriff's deputy got into a car accident while on duty, and although a report found it was his fault, the woman he hit and badly hurt was arrested and blamed for the incident. WITI did an extensive investigation to find out exactly what happened. 

The deputy involved is Joseph Quiles. (Via Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office

"It was Feb. 20, 2013, when Deputy Quiles was working the night shift. ... As he pulled onto Howell Avenue to make his rounds, he T-boned a passing car and sent it spinning into a tree." (Via WITI)

Twenty-five-year-old Tanya Weyker, who had a spotless driving record, was hit so hard her neck was broken in four places. (Via WITI)

Immediately after the crash, police attempted to give Weyker a breathalyzer, but her injuries were too severe. Bloodwork was done, and months later, it was clear she was completely sober at the time of the accident. 

Also, in his report Quiles claimed he came to a complete stop at the intersection and looked both ways. He said he never saw Weyker's headlights, essentially blaming her for the incident. (Via Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office)

Weyker was charged with unreasonable and imprudent speed, operating while intoxicated, and causing injury while operating while intoxicated, among other charges. 

She was told she needed to pay for the damages, including her medical bills, which are estimated to total close to $1 million. But then new evidence surfaced — surveillance video of the crash. KCPQ points out the key moment from the video.

REPORTER: "Showing a squad car turning without making a complete stop, that's when the deputy changed his story."

INVESTIGATOR: "And because of that you believe that you're at fault for this accident?"

QUILES: "That's correct."

The charges against ​Weyker were dismissed. She's now waiting for the state to pay her medical bills, and she's filed a complaint against the arresting officer. As for Deputy Quiles, he was suspended for nine days for violating traffic laws and damaging equipment but was not disciplined for the inaccurate report.