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Trump Suggests Bonuses For Teachers Trained To Carry A Gun

President Trump suggests offering bonuses to "highly adept" teachers who could carry a gun at school.
Posted at 4:48 PM, Feb 22, 2018

President Trump gave more details on his idea to arm some teachers to deter school shootings.

A day after meeting with those impacted by school shootings, the president suggested teachers with a high understanding of weapons should be given special training and possibly a bonus. 

"These are experts," Trump said. "These would be people that actually would want them and it would be a small percentage but it would be a lot of people. And once you do this, you will have a situation where all of a sudden this horrible plague will stop."

Trump estimates 10 to 40 percent of teachers may have those qualifications. He also said he didn't want to give all teachers guns, just "highly adept" people.

He also rejected the idea of a school shooting drill, calling it a "very negative thing." The president added he wanted a "hardened school" so someone like his son would not have to go through a drill. He added some teachers with firearms could deter someone from shooting in a school.