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Trump Orders DOJ To Declassify Multiple Russia Documents

The order includes the release of unredacted text messages from multiple former intelligence officials.
Posted at 10:14 PM, Sep 17, 2018

President Donald Trump ordered the Justice Department to declassify documents related to the Russia investigation on Monday. 

The materials include pages of the application submitted to monitor former campaign adviser Carter Page and unredacted text messages from multiple former intelligence officials, including former FBI agent Peter Strzok and former FBI director James Comey.

Trump also ordered the department to declassify interviews with current DOJ official Bruce Ohr. Ohr had conversations with the author of a controversial dossier that claims the Trump campaign had ties to Russia. 

A number of GOP lawmakers requested Trump declassify certain materials. Republicans claim the investigation is biased against Trump. 

Republican Rep. Mark Meadows tweeted Monday, "Transparency wins. This is absolutely the right call from @POTUS."

But the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee Rep. Adam Schiff called the move a "clear abuse of power," and said Trump is "ordering the selective release of materials he believes are helpful to his defense team."

The Justice Department said it's working with the Director of National Intelligence and the FBI to comply with the order. There's no clear timeline on the release of the documents.