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Tornado Outbreak Takes A Deadly, Destructive Toll

Residents attempt to rebuild following devastating tornadoes in Mississippi and Alabama.
Posted at 12:05 PM, Apr 29, 2014

Survivors are scrambling to get their lives back together following a series of tornadoes that killed more than 25 people in the central and southern United States — and that number is expected to rise. (Via The Commercial Appeal / Brad Vest)

WMC-TV reports both Mississippi and Alabama have declared a state of emergency. Residents are already working to clean up after the devastating storm. 

WBRC in Alabama says more than 63,000 people are without power. Alabama officials are asking residents to stay off the roads as they attempt to rescue and rebuild. 

A reporter for WIAT shows one example of the destruction caused by the storm. "The roof of the building was picked up and tossed to the back of the property, and now it's just a bunch of twisted metal and broken boards."

In Tupelo, Mississippi where tornado damage was especially severe, officials have instituted a curfew to protect local businesses and residents from looting.

Mashable compiled a list of tweets showing the destruction. Twitter users captured damage in several Mississippi cities. (@smittyboy4, @TheTateProject@Emily16WAPT / Twitter)

CNN reports the storms will continue into Wednesday, leaving "37 million ... under threat of severe weather as the front eases to the east."