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Top 3 Silly Caught-On-Camera Moments Of The Week

The top three caught-on-camera moments include deer posing for a wedding photo, a monkey smiling for the camera and a youth football team wiping out.
Posted at 4:31 PM, Sep 26, 2014

This week, we couldn’t help but notice some really funny moments that were caught on camera. From some wildlife invading a wedding photo to a youth football banner fail, we hope you'll be laughing right along with us.

First up, a herd of deer crashed one couple's wedding photo, appearing right there in the background.

It turns out, the deer were meant to be in the photo.

According to a blog post on photographer Ian Christmann's website, he noticed the deer and asked the bride and groom to take some photos by the animals.

The wedding was held on a farm in New Jersey. ABC reports, "The farm ... has around 40 wild deer that were coming out of the woods for their dinner feeding, by chance, just as the wedding party was sitting down for their own."

You've got to admit it was nice of the deer to hold their poses long enough for Christmann to snap their photo.

Next up, a guest on "Fox & Friends" really put her best face forward once she realized she was on camera.

Did you recognize the monkey?

She's starred in big blockbusters such as "The Hangover Part II" and "Night at the Museum."

And while she was acting in NBC's short-lived TV show "Animal Practice," she reportedly earned $12,000 per episode.

Hey, if she's making that much money for one week's worth of work, the least she can do is give us a smile, right?

And finally, you know how football teams like to run through a giant banner? Well, one youth team in New York had a bit of trouble with that.

The Wallkill Mighty Mites team is made up of 6- and 7-year-olds, and WCBS caught up with a few of them.

LIAM SULLIVAN: "We were running as fast as we can. The coach said, 'Go, go, go!'"

RUSSELL PATTERSON: "And then it didn't break! I don't know how!"

After 12 players crashed into the banner, the rest of the team just decided to jump on top of them. A writer for CBS Sports notes, "The average weight of the offensive line is approximately 46 pounds, so no one was at serious risk of injury."

The Times Herald-Record did report the Mighty Mites won their game 24-0.

Not too shabby, boys. Do you think they practiced banner run-throughs or dog piles the next day? 

This video includes an image courtesy of Ian Christmann.