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Top 3 Outrageous Stories Featuring Guys

This week's top 3 stories include immature men, Prince Harry, and a brand new superhero for the Florida orange industry.
Posted at 7:44 PM, Oct 17, 2014

This week was all about the guys. But it wasn’t the super serious stories that caught our eye. Nope, it was the bizarre ones that just made us laugh. So let’s just sit back, relax and watch it all play out.

First up, is definitely our silliest story: a website decided to rank all the states based on how immature the men living in them are.

So just how did real estate blog Estately rank how immature the men were?

In what was not-so-scientific test, men were judged based on their enthusiasm for video games, fantasy football and beer pong.

And, of course, their love for the show “Family Guy.”

"Hey! Where's the monkey rabbi? Here's your Torah. You be here Tuesday at 9. Check in with Shirley." 

So who came out on top?

Congratulations to the men of Rhode Island. It was the state with the most men still watching “Family Guy” and had the third largest group of men without a job.

And Estately recorded Utah men as being the most mature saying, “...it’s still a state where sober reasoning wins out over the impulsive decisions most men left behind with puberty.”

But no hard feelings, Rhode Island! Sometimes being a little immature is just what you need.

Next up, Prince Harry made the news after he attended the 100 Women in Hedge Funds Gala on Thursday.

It turns out though, Harry wasn’t too happy about one thing: the seating arrangements. Turns out, he was sitting next to the only two other men at the event.

PRINCE HARRY VIA SKY NEWS: “I had considered that tonight was just going to be 100 women and myself.”

Harry kept the laughs coming when he talked about how the gala was being held in a location that reminded him of something out of a Harry Potter movie. He did joke there would unfortunately be no Quidditch happening. (Video Via Warner Bros. / ‘Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets’)

One hundred beautiful women and a room that looks like Hogwarts — what more do you need, Harry?

And finally, the orange juice community in Florida is stepping up its game.

The Wall Street Journal reports people are consuming less and less orange juice each year. In fact, per capita consumption is down 45 percent since 1998.

So as a way to drum up some hype, The Florida Department of Citrus decided to revamp its image.

Here’s what it’s old mascot looked like — pretty cartoonish right?

And here’s what the new Captain Citrus looks like after Marvel’s illustrators got done with him.

Hey, if a very buff superhero can’t get kids to drink orange juice, we don’t know what will.

A comic book has even been created in which Captain Citrus teams up with Captain America and Thor to save the world.

But it’s gotten us thinking. Maybe a superhero can get people to eat other fruits and vegetables too. Yeah, like bananas, edamame and cauliflower. Cauliflower? Yeah, like Cauliflower Man! OK, maybe we’ve taken things a bit too far.  

This video contains images from kris krug / CC BY SA 2.0, Getty Images and The Florida Department of Citrus