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Top 3 Misbehaving Animals Of The Week

This week's misbehaving animals include a dog that tries to drive, a puppy that refuses to get out of bed and some crows diving at people in Seattle.
Posted at 9:04 PM, Jun 06, 2014

Today we're bringing you three stories involving misbehaving animals. We don't expect to walk out on the street and get divebombed by a crow or to have our dog attempt to drive our car. But we've learned to expect the unexpected when it comes to these animals.

Our first misbehaving animal is a German shepherd named Rosie who decided to take a turn behind the wheel. Her owner, John Costello, explained what happened next. (Via WFXT)

"The dog just jumped in and hit the gas shift, and the car jerked when she slammed it into drive. She fell on top of the gas pedal."

And 12-week-old Rosie drove that car straight into a pond, according to WBZ-TV.

"John's family took these photos of the car submerged in the water. Dive teams pulled it out, and the car is considered a loss. John did also tie Rosie briefly to a pole for her joyride."

Officers at the Canton, Massachusetts, police department thought the whole thing was pretty hilarious. One tweeted, "The perp says he was just going with the flow of traffic." (Via Twitter /@RobQuirk1)

We think this pretty much sums up why people have to wait until they're at least 16 to get their drivers' licenses.

Next up is a flock of crows that decided to go after residents in a Seattle neighborhood. (Via Flickr / katieb50)

KCPQ spoke with one resident who described what happens every time he and his wife walk out their front door. 

"A crow flew down and hit her in the back of the head and took off. And this morning I was out in my front yard, and whoosh."

It seems Seattle is no stranger to attacking crows. This video posted to YouTube in 2012 shows people hurrying along a sidewalk, desperately trying to evade the menacing birds. (Via YouTube / swalke1)

One resident believes some of the crows might be angry with her because she saved a baby robin the birds were about to eat. (Via KCPQ)

And as unbelievable as it sounds, she might be right. According to Discovery, these birds can remember people's faces for up to five years. Which isn't a horrifying thought at all.

The birds also tend to attack more in the summer when they're guarding their young in their nests.

The Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife says to avoid a crow attack, you should carry an umbrella, wear a hat and sunglasses and wave your hands over your head. 

Hey, whatever keeps you safe, right? Just don't be surprised when video of you doing so ends up on YouTube.

Finally, we have a puppy that really doesn't want to get out of bed. (Via YouTube / Ray Prevo)

That Great Dane is named Thor, and he clearly isn't a morning pooch. In fact, Fox News says this is a regular occurrence for the pup, whose owner runs a bagel shop in Michigan. 

"So every morning at 3:30, they try to get the sleeping dog out of bed and moving. And every morning, the Great Dane protests the same way."

Three-thirty every morning? We'd protest, too! 

Now, the video was uploaded to YouTube two years ago, but it's just now gaining attention after being posted on Reddit.

We don't know if Thor has gotten used to waking up so early now. But with a 3:30 wake-up time, we hope he's taken advantage of every free moment to get some beauty sleep. We're sure it isn't easy being that cute all the time.