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Top 3 Hungry Animals Of The Week

This week a sandwich, some ice cream and a crocodile were on the menu for some hungry animals.
Posted at 9:10 PM, Mar 08, 2014

Hey, we've all got to eat and the animals in Newsy's Top 3 Animal stories of the week remind us that they like to be fed too. 

In our #3 spot, an injured dog blocking traffic on a Texas highway wasn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. Until quick-thinking driver, Rickey Young, tempted the yellow lab with his lunch. (Via KHOU)

"I'm just kind of a softie on that stuff. I have a dog and I would hate to see him on the highway like that." 

"Young pulled out a sandwich. Within minutes, she was in his truck." 

Young took the dog to Houston’s SPCA where the dog was treated for broken bones and internal bleeding. Thanks to Young and his sandwich, the dog will be OK.

The animals in our #2 spot, remind us while it might not be good for dogs to eat people food, they certainly won't turn it down. (Via YouTube / Coopers Dogpatch)

"Daisy, where'd we go? Did we go to McDonalds? ... Cooper, no, Daisy gets hers first." (Via YouTube / Coopers Dogpatch)

Now, we're all for ladies' first, but "Good Morning America's" Lara Spencer was starting to feel bad for Cooper. 

"Poor Cooper!"

Ah, we get it now. At least little Daisy got to enjoy some of the tasty treat before Cooper swooped in. 

Finally, in the No. 1 spot, a snake managed to get about a months worth of food all in one very long bite. Take a look. (Via BBC)

“A giant water python was spotted coiling its body around a freshwater crocodile and beginning to strangle it. The croc obviously lost.” (Via Sky News)

“The amazing thing was it had at one point coiled its tail around the crocodile’s legs to flatten them out I guess and then it was able to eat it a lot easier.” (Via BBC)

The massive meal all happened at Lake Moondarra, near Mount Isa in Australia. Pretty impressive. Thanks for watching Newsy’s Top 3 Animal Stories of the week. Check back next week for more.