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Top 3 Bizarre Stories Of The Week

Our top three bizarre stories for the week include a conputer exploding, self-served wine in the waiting room of dentist offices, and the "hott felon" Jeremy Meeks reportedly being offered a modeling
Posted at 7:00 PM, Jul 04, 2014

We've come across some pretty bizarre stories this week and have narrowed them down to our top three — hope you're ready.

First up is an explosion that caught news headlines. But not the type of explosion you're probably thinking of. Loretta Luff from Philadelphia was on her Dell laptop when its battery exploded. 

"It blew up and it flipped my computer back, and everything, like the battery pack and all came out this way." 

"The debris she says threw clear across the room six to eight feet." (Via KYW-TV)

"Loretta Luff then used that shirt and water from her dogs bowl, quick thinking, to put out the fire." (Via Fox News)

Luff was treated for burns on her face, arms and foot. She's not sure if the battery pack that exploded was from Dell. The company is still investigating what went wrong.

There's nothing like a complimentary cocktail while you wait your turn at the dentist's office. 

Yep, you heard right. According toDNAInfo, Manhattan dentist offices have started serving complimentary glasses of red and white wine to make patients more comfortable before it's their turn on the chair.

The wine offered is self-served, since the offices haven't been licensed by the State Liquor Authority. A patient of one of the dentist offices told DNAInfo it "takes the edge off" which we can see why. But is it healthy?

Medical Daily reports patients with anxiety should find an alternative way to get relaxed. Alcohol consumption before a dentist appointment could cause your heart to beat at an unhealthy, quick speed which could then lead to poor blood flow.

And finally, back in June the Stockton Police Department  posted this mug shot of Jeremy Meeks, who was arrested for felony weapon charges, to its Facebook page and it quickly went viral. 

Nicknamed the "hot felon," Meeks quickly gained admirers. And as TMZ reports, apparently his mug shot was enough for him to get an offer from a modeling agency.

"Blaze Modelz, a huge modeling agency in L.A. has offered Jeremy a contract."

But it sounds like this whole modeling contract is just a hoax. Meeks' representative told Gawker that she and her client had never talked to Blaze Modelz. Which probably is a good thing, since ABC is reporting the future might not be looking too bright for Meeks.

"Well the grand jury yesterday indicted him on a federal gun charge. If convicted, Meeks could face up to ten years in prison." (Via ABC)

We guess it would be kind of hard to be a working model while serving time in prison. Oh yeah, the lighting and location wouldn't be ideal. Yeah... the lighting... and location.