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'Swearing Toddler' Taken Into Protective Custody

The child featured swearing in a video gone viral this week is now in protective custody.
Posted at 10:20 AM, Jan 09, 2014

The child featured swearing in a video gone viral this week is now in protective custody. The police union in Omaha, Nebraska, made national headlines when it posted this video to its website showing what it called the "thug cycle." (Via Omaha Police Officers Association)

"You a ho, n---a." "You a ho, bitch." "What's up then?"

The posting made headlines this week as people debated whether this video was necessary or offensive. But now, the child featured in the video and three other children in that home are in the state of Nebraska's Protective Custody.

"Prosecutors reviewed the video and have determined no criminal activity took place but authorities did find safety concerns in the home which led to removal of the children."

According to the Omaha World Herald, police say they removed the children because "they were concerned about the youth's well-being and safety."

And again, the video had caused plenty of controversy.

"If you can help this one little boy, what's wrong with putting a video up that's already been out there."

"It's dangerous to call a toddler a thug in training which is essentially what they've done." (Via CNN)

"When this kid grows up and becomes a gang banger and starts killing people and raping women."

"... that is the perpetuation of a terrible stereotype" (Via Fox News)

Gawker asked the Police Union's President about the incendiary nature of the video, to which he responded — that's the point.

"' ... we have a lot more latitude to be a little more edgy' than the police department, he says—and that edginess is necessary to force a deeper conversation on the city's crime problems."

And the Omaha Police Department has tried to distance itself from the situation with the chief saying he has no control over the union's website. No word yet on what will happen next for the children.