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Suspect In 'Slender Man' Stabbing Ruled Unfit For Trial

One of the pre-teen girls accused of stabbing her friend 19 times in a homage to the fictional character Slender Man has been ruled unfit for trial.
Posted at 8:11 PM, Aug 01, 2014

One of the 12-year-old girls accused of stabbing a friend 19 times in a homage to the fictional Internet character Slender Man has been ruled unfit to stand trial.

The ruling came after a psycholigist's testimony that the girl believed in unicorns and that she communicated with Voldemort, the villain from the "Harry Potter" series. (Via NBC)

However, WDJT reports doctors say she could become fit for trial after treatment and the court allowed one year for her to become competent.

Both of the girls, whom we are not naming because of their ages, are being tried as adults because of a Wisconsin law that requires anyone age 10 or older to be charged as adults in severe crimes. But both of the suspects' attorneys are attempting to move the case to juvenile court. (Via  WTMJ)

The other suspect, who is also 12, appeared in court Friday where her defense team attempted — and failed — to argue for access to the other girl's mental evaluations. This defendant has not yet undergone an evaluation. (Via Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

Authorities say the two Wisconsin preteens lured another 12-year-old friend into the woods, stabbed her 19 times and left her there. (Via ABC)

The girl survived after crawling out of the woods and being discovered by a passing bicyclist.

Prosecutors say the girls carried out the act to please Slender Man, a boogey-man-type character that appears in a lot of short stories on websites such as Creepypasta where he is usually attacking children. (Via mdl70 / CC BY 2.0)

They also say, after the attack, the girls planned on going to live with the character, who they believed took up residence in a northern Wisconsin national forest. (Via Questa Durron / CC BY 2.0)

The victim was released from the hospital about a week after the incident and has received an outpouring of support, in the form of cards and, in one case, an actual Purple Heart medal sent by an anonymous veteran with a card that read: "The only heart I could find! Be strong!" (Via Today)

And a GoFundMe fundraiser has raised almost $60,000 to help the family cover medical expenses.

If the girls are tried as adults they could face up to 65 years in prison. If tried in juvenile court, they could only be held to age 25.