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Sunday Shows: Kerry Hopeful For Iran Deal

Israel\'s Benjamin Netanyahu expresses concern Iran will get \"a hell of a lot\" from a new deal, and Chris Christie speaks up on the national gun debate.
Posted at 1:37 PM, Nov 10, 2013

On the Sunday shows this week, is a deal with Iran taking shape too quickly?

JOHN KERRY: "I think there was unity there, David, in respect to getting it right."

And Chris Christie speaks up on a national debate.

CHRISTIE: "We want to control violence. And some of that may involve firearms, but a lot of it doesn't."

A first round of negotiations between Iran and several world powers including the U.S. has proved unproductive.

But Secretary of State John Kerry is still hopeful a deal to freeze or completely end Iran's nuclear program can be reached. And he's trying to assure skeptics the Obama administration won't let Iran off easy. (Via RT)

KERRY: "President Obama has been crystal clear: Don't rush, we're not in a rush, we need to get the right deal. No deal is better than a bad deal." (Via NBC)

Iran's new president has refused to completely give up the nation's nuclear capability. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tells CBS a temporary suspension of the program is not enough. (Via ITN)

NETANYAHU: "Iran gives practically nothing, and it gets a hell of a lot. That's not a good deal. … Iran should take away its centrifuges, should take away its plutonium."

And two days after President Obama gave a personal apology to Americans who lost insurance plans, GOP anger on the issue is unsurprisingly far from settled. ABC's "This Week" asked Texas Gov. Rick Perry:

JEFF ZELENY: "Do you think that’s enough?"

PERRY: "I don’t think that's even close to enough. He needs to stand up in front of the American people and say, 'You know what, I perpetrated a fraud on you.'"

And another Republican governor hit four Sunday shows to discuss his re-election and some hot-button issues. On guns, Christie defended a stance more moderate than many of his GOP colleagues.

CHRISTIE: "Does it make common sense, does it control violence? We need to not pander on these issues. We need to have adults in the room who make decisions based on controlling violence in our society." (Via Fox News)

Of course, Christie also has rumors of a presidential run to address. When asked on ABC Sunday if he'd still be New Jersey's governor come 2016, Christie responded, "Who knows."