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Students Face Punishment After Pulling Gun In Own Apartment

Seniors Erik Fagan and Daniel McIntosh say they were only defending themselves when a six-time convicted felon tried to enter their apartment.
Posted at 4:11 PM, Nov 10, 2013

Two college seniors in Washington state face possible expulsion from Gonzaga University after they drew a handgun on a stranger at their front door.

On Oct. 24 Erik Fagan and Daniel McIntosh say a stranger knocked on their door and asked Fagan for $15. After the man took a step inside, Fagan yelled for McIntosh, who came downstairs with a pistol drawn. (Via KXLY)

The man then ran off. Later identified as John Taylor, police took him into custody shortly after the incident. Taylor is a six-time convicted felon who was wearing a monitoring bracelet on his ankle when police caught up with him. (Via KMOV)

Police applauded the two students for being able to defuse the situation without firing a shot, but officials at Gonzaga University are taking a different approach — threatening to expel them. (Via KATU)

The university says Fagan and McIntosh violated Gonzaga's weapons policy, which says students cannot possess any type of weapon on campus property. Even though the two men lived in off-campus student housing, the university still owned the property.

The students say they didn't know about the school's policy and that they were only defending themselves with a weapon that was under a concealed carry permit — even though Washington doesn't require them. (Via Fox News)

Since the incident, Gonzaga University has taken action against the two students.

CNN reports a disciplinary board, made up of students and faculty members, met Friday and found Fagan and McIntosh guilty of gun possession on campus property and putting others in danger. (Via CNN)

But just one day later, after demands for officials to take a look at its weapons policy, Gonzaga's president sent an email to students saying the university will review its policy. (Via KREM)

One of the students told KHQ-TV the policy as it stands would have left him and his roommate with few options to defend themselves.

MCINTOSH: "Use of any weapon — that could have been a baseball bat that night. I could have clubbed him and they would have found me guilty on the same offense."

Next week, officials at Gonzaga are expected to announce their decision about any possible punishment for the two students.