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Student Dead After Shooting At Savannah State University

Junior Christopher Starks died from gunshot wounds after a shooting occurred on campus Thursday evening.
Posted at 9:55 AM, Aug 28, 2015

A Savannah State University student is dead after a shooting on campus Thursday night. 

The school paper, The Tiger's Roar, reported the shooting happened at the student union. Afterwards, police placed the campus on lockdown while officers searched for a "male suspect." (Video via WAGT)

WTOC reports a witness in the union at the time said an argument started between two students, one of whom later pulled out a gun. 

"As soon as the first gun shot went off, everyone scattered away from where the fight was," witness Krystle Sutopka said. 

statement released by the university early Friday morning reported a male student named Christopher Starks, who was the only person injured in the shooting, later died at a local hospital from gunshot wounds.

The campus police department is currently working with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, but as of Friday morning, no arrests have been made in connection with the shooting.