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Senate Opioid Legislation Is Headed To President Trump's Desk

It passed the Senate 98-1 on Wednesday.
Posted at 9:01 PM, Oct 03, 2018

A federal opioid package overwhelmingly passed the Senate Wednesday.

The cluster of proposals meant to fight the opioid epidemic passed 98-1, with Republican Sen. Mike Lee casting the sole "no" vote.

The legislation would help fund recovery centers and mental and physical health care through a new grant program, as well as increase access to medication-assisted treatment.

The bill would also let more people use Medicaid to help pay for treatment.

President Donald Trump declared the opioid epidemic a public health emergency one year ago this month. An estimated 72,000 people died of drug overdoses in 2017, a record high.

The bill is now headed to Trump's, desk where senators hope it will be signed into law.