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San Diego family searching for missing parents

Johnny and Melissa Soto were last heard from on Dec. 20.
A picture of the Soto family.
Posted at 12:35 PM, Dec 27, 2023

A set of siblings in San Diego are asking the public for help finding their parents, Johnny and Melissa Soto. 

They say they haven't heard from the pair since Dec. 20. 

"My dad had his phone and his wallet, but my mom didn't have her phone, wallet or her keys," Alexia Soto said. 

The family says Melissa and Johnny recently separated. 

"Even though they were separated, there were like no issues between them at all," Alexia said. "They were still in contact. They still talked. She would come over [to Johnny's house] and talk."

Melissa's car was found outside of Johnny's home, but his truck was gone, the family said. 

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The pair reportedly went to a holiday party together the night before they went missing. 

"Him and my mom, they like to talk and get together," Vincent Soto said. "So while they were talking, they like to go take the truck."

Vincent said Johnny told him they would be taking the truck out, and that's the last time he heard from them. 

The siblings say it's not like their parents to leave and not come back. If they are OK, the siblings have a message for their parents. 

"Even if they did go somewhere and plan to stay out for a while, at least message or call one of us to let us all know they are both OK," Alexia Soto said. 

Elise Soto added, "We love them."

The siblings have filed a report with the San Diego Police Department. 

This story was originally published by Spencer Soicher at Scripps News San Diego.