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Sailor, Suspect Killed In Shooting At Naval Station Norfolk

Navy officials say a man who shot and killed a sailor before security forces gunned him down had permission to be on the Naval Station Norfolk base.
Posted at 9:40 AM, Mar 25, 2014

One U.S. Navy sailor is dead after an overnight shooting aboard a docked destroyer. Navy officials say security forces took down the shooter.

REPORTER: "Around 11:20 last night, Naval security forces responded to shots fired on board the USS Mahan. That is when they say they found the suspect shot a sailor." (Via WAVY)

During a press conference early Tuesday morning, a captain at the base said the suspect did have authorization to be on the base, but did not say if the man had permission to be on the ship. (Via WVEC)

While the captain did not initially say how the suspect got a weapon, the Navy released a statement late Tuesday morning saying the man disarmed a petty officer on security detail and then shot a sailor trying to help in the struggle. (Via The Pentagon Channel )

Naval Station Norfolk, which Fox News notes is the largest naval base in the world, was on lockdown for about 45 minutes overnight.

Early on, USA Today reports Navy officials held off on identifying either the sailor or the suspect, simply saying both were men. As news spread, the captain acknowledged Tuesday could be a difficult one for fellow sailors.  

CAPT. ROBERT CLARK: "We will preserve that scene until the investigators are complete, and then we will do cleanup and take care of the rest of the sailors on board the ship. Make sure they have counselors that they need and people that they can talk to." (Via WTKR)

This comes only six months after a Navy contractor, Aaron Alexis, killed 12 civilians at the Washington Navy Yard. (Via ABC)

As the sun came up Tuesday, a reporter with WVEC tweeted, "Pier 1 where the USS Mahan is docked remains a crime scene. The rest of the base is back to normal operations."​ (Via Twitter / @13CarlLeimer)