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4 Countries Reportedly Discussed How To Manipulate Jared Kushner

His company's debt and his lack of political experience might have made him a target, sources told The Washington Post.
Posted at 9:12 PM, Feb 27, 2018

At least four countries have held private talks about how to manipulate President Donald Trump's son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner, according to a report by The Washington Post out Tuesday.

The report says the United Arab Emirates, China, Israel and Mexico all discussed ways to take "advantage of his complex business arrangements, financial difficulties and lack of foreign policy experience." A White House official reportedly told the Post they thought Kushner was "naive and being tricked" by foreign officials.

 A spokesperson for Kushner's attorney called the information "inaccurate."

Kushner's company is in massive debt related largely to a 2007 office building purchase in New York City, and it was looking to secure financing from foreign investors during the presidential transition. Officials told the Post that debt could have been a leverage point for foreign agents to influence him.

The news comes just over a week after reports that Robert Mueller is expanding his investigation to look at Kushner's non-Russian business dealings. 

And it coincides with reports out Tuesday saying Kushner's White House security clearance was downgraded

 Additional reporting from Newsy affiliate CNN.