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Remains Of Missing Nursing Student Holly Bobo Found

Tennessee nursing student Holly Bobo's remains were found over the weekend. Two men have been charged with her kidnapping and murder.
Posted at 9:54 AM, Sep 09, 2014

Holly Bobo disappeared in April 2011. Over the weekend, authorities confirmed a skull and remains found in Decatur County, Tennessee, belonged to the 20-year-old nursing student. 

WATE: "The remains are of Holly Bobo."

"The remains, which included a skull were found Sunday by two farmers searching for ginseng."

WKRN: "Zachary Adams and Jason Autry face kidnapping and murder charges."

"You wonder ... if any more evidence will be found."

WREG"Both have pleaded not guilty and remain in jail. DA Matt Stowe says his office is ready, willing and able to seek the death penalty."

Prosecutors also charged two other men, Jeff and Mark Pearcy, with tampering with evidence. They've pleaded not guilty.

Authorities have been working on the case for three years. The Jackson Sun highlighted this quote from District Attorney General Matt Stowe: 

"We will get to the truth. If today is proof of anything, it is that you can delay justice, but you can't deny it."

Bobo was last seen by her brother, who told police he saw her being led into the woods by a man wearing camouflage. However, there's still a mystery as to how the skull got to the spot where the farmers found it.

Police previously searched the area without finding what investigators now say was a seemingly unhidden piece of evidence. (Video via WSMV)

WSMV"Not dug up by an sort of animal, rather sitting, just waiting to be found."

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation says the Bobo investigation is still ongoing. Bobo's skull was found not far from the property of suspect Zachary Adams. Bobo's family is expected to make an announcement Tuesday.