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Preschooler, WWII Veteran Become BFFs Over Tomatoes

Emmett Rychner, 3, and Erling Kindem, 89, are the best of buds. They struck up a friendship a year ago over tomatoes.
Posted at 10:14 AM, Jul 10, 2014

Here's one of those irresistible, adorable stories we just had to share. It came first from Minneapolis station KARE, which shows us age puts no boundaries on friendship.

"Emmett's parents had to laugh the first time they saw their pre-schooler racing a man who had fought in the second World War." 

"They're together pretty much every day."

"Did you find a worm?"

"Nope, it's a bug!" (Via KARE)

The two are next door neighbors in Farmington, Minnesota, but it wasn't until a year ago that 3-year-old Emmett Rychner and 89-year-old Erling Kindem struck up their friendship ... over tomatoes. Emmett's dad told ABC:

"Erling grew some tomatoes in his yard and Emmett would always ask him, ‘Got any matoes?’” 

Emmett's mom, Anika, posted a photo of her son riding his tractor to Facebook. A commenter told her to keep the tractor even when he outgrows it as it is now the "famous tractor."

And in the spirit of those unlikely best friends, we thought we'd point out some more. 

This dog and deer are besties, even playing ball together. A Texas family posted the video to YouTube in 2009, explaining they found it as a fawn and bottle fed it until it could go on its own. (Via YouTube / mlcarriker)

The deer has been seen with several herds, but often comes back to play, and steal a little cat food, too. 

Or these two penpals from Ohio and Virginia who were best friends for 50 years, exchanging letters for decades before finally meeting. (Via Akron Beacon Journal)

As for Emmett and Erling, the fun may soon come to an end. Both are moving — Emmett to a new house and Erling to a senior apartment. You can learn more about their adorable friendship by visiting the KARE link in our transcript.