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Police Arrest Protestors Blocking Interstate Near Ferguson

Police arrested dozens of protesters after a large group swarmed a portion of Interstate 70 near where Michael Brown was killed.
Posted at 10:16 PM, Sep 10, 2014

Police in Missouri have arrested several demonstrators who gathered at an interstate near Ferguson, Missouri and threatened to "shut down" traffic during rush hour.

KMOV reports about 150 people swarmed a portion of Interstate 70 near the site in Ferguson where Officer Darren Wilson shot and killed unarmed teenager Michael Brown a little over a month ago. 

KSDK: "Folks came here. They were chanting, 'Arrest Officer Wilson! Arrest Darren Wilson!'"

KTVI: "What police basically started doing was arresting anybody in the street. There was a time where people were sitting down, lying down in North Hanley road. Those people were quickly ... arrested by police."

Officers cuffed at least 35 of the protestors. Captain Ron Johnson of the Missouri Highway Patrol is quoted by KMOV saying, “Attempting to block an interstate highway is unsafe and unacceptable. People trying to shut down I-70 would not only create a very serious hazard for themselves, but also for motorists simply trying to get home from school or work."

KSDK says once police were able disperse the crowd, many demonstrators headed to the Ferguson County Police Department to continue protests before they were rained out.

Wednesday's events come just a day after demonstrators spoke up and offered harsh criticisms of the police at the Ferguson City Council's first meeting since Brown's death.

"The community is tired. We're tired of being oppressed. We're tired of being lied to." That's one of many voices lashing out at the police Tuesday. Among things being discussed, the city is proposing a plan to scale up minority hiring.

As it stands, there are currently only three black officers in the mix of 53 in Ferguson. The city is also planning to create a citizen's review board to help advise the police department.