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Plane makes an emergency landing after a warning about door issue

A United spokesperson said the flight from Sarasota, Florida, to Chicago diverted to Tampa "as a precaution."
A United Airlines plane approaches for landing.
Posted at 1:05 PM, Jan 12, 2024

A United Airlines jet cut short a flight Wednesday and landed in Tampa, Florida, after pilots were alerted about a possible issue with a door, according to an airport spokesperson.

The plane involved was an Airbus A319. Last week, a plug that takes the place of a door on some Boeing Max 9 jetliners blew off an Alaska Airlines plane shortly after takeoff from Portland, Oregon.

A spokesperson for the Tampa airport said the initial report to emergency dispatchers was that the plane diverted because a door indicator light turned on. Fire crews met the plane. No injuries were reported. 

A United spokesperson said the flight, from Sarasota, Florida, to Chicago, diverted to Tampa “as a precaution ... to address a possible mechanical issue. The flight landed safely and later re-departed after the issue was addressed.”

The plane carried 123 passengers and five crew members and was airborne for less than an hour, according to data from tracking service FlightAware.

FAA increasing oversight of Boeing following mid-air scare
A door plug area of an Alaska Airlines Boeing 737 Max 9 aircraft awaiting inspection is pictured with paneling removed.

FAA increasing oversight of Boeing following mid-air scare

All 171 Boeing Max 9 jets in circulation have been grounded pending an investigation after a door plug blew out from the side of a cabin mid-flight.