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Pinkberry Co-Founder Sentenced To 7 Years In Prison

The co-founder of Pinkberry, Young Lee, was sentenced to seven years in prison for beating a homeless man with a tire iron in 2011.
Posted at 10:33 AM, Mar 15, 2014

Young Lee, a co-founder of the frozen yogurt chain Pinkberry, was sentenced to seven years behind bars Friday for beating a homeless man.

"Last November, a jury convicted 49-year-old Young Lee of beating a homeless man with a tire iron in Los Angeles. The incident happened in 2011." (Via WCSC)

During the trial last year, prosecutors said the attack occurred because of a sexually-explicit tattoo the victim incidentally flashed to Lee and his then-fiance.

KABC says the homeless man, who they identify as Daniel Bolding, was taking off a sweatshirt, exposing the tattoo to Lee who was driving by. Prosecutors said Lee returned later with another man, grabbed a tire iron and demanded an apology. 

KNBC reports Lee ordered Bolding to get on the ground and then beat him with the tire iron, breaking the man's forearm and giving him several cuts to the head.

At some point, passersby stepped in, stopped Lee and wrote down his license plate which they later provided to investigators. 

According to New York Daily News, Lee fled to South Korea following the attack. But he was taken into custody when he returned to the States at the beginning of 2012. 

During the trial, Daily Mail says Lee's attorney stated Bolding threatened his client and that Lee wasn't the one holding the tire iron; it was the other man whom police still have not identified or located.

Lee was convicted of assault with a deadly weapon and a judge ordered him to remain in jail until sentencing because he allegedly threatened one of the witnesses for the prosecution.

KPHO says Lee remained quiet and quote "didn't show much attention" when the judge handed down the seven-year prison sentence Friday. 

KTBS notes the deputy district attorney was thrilled that the judge imposed the maximum penalty, while, not surprisingly, Lee's attorney disagreed. 

"There was nothing less than that that was warranted for this senseless act and this type of violent beating."

"My reaction is wholly disproportionate."

Lee left the frozen yogurt company back in 2010.