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PETA Offers NRA $100,000 To Follow 'Two Simple Steps'

PETA is leveraging the NRA's financial troubles to try to make it change some of its policies.
Posted at 9:53 PM, Aug 07, 2018

PETA is offering the NRA $100,000 at a time when the NRA says it may have to close its headquarters due to financial troubles.

The NRA is currently suing New York, claiming state regulators are discouraging companies from doing business with it, and says as a result it's "suffered tens of millions of dollars in damages."

PETA sent the group's CEO, Wayne LaPierre, a letter Tuesday saying it'll make the donation if the NRA agrees to take "two simple steps": Deny memberships to "trophy hunters," or those who hunt wild animals solely for fun; and stop promoting assault weapons.

PETA and the NRA have a history.

The animal rights organization has protested the NRA for years.

And last year, the NRA released multiple videos called "Trust the Hunter in Your Blood" that denounced animal rights groups like PETA, which it called "particularly hostile."

"It is the dream of the animal rights fanatics to suppress your most natural connection to the Earth," one video says.

Another video says hunters "are in the middle of a war" and likens animal rights groups to Al-Qaeda.