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Convoy Protesting COVID-19 Mandates Circles Washington, D.C., Beltway

Hundreds of tractor-trailers, pickup trucks and other vehicles traveled down I-495 in Maryland to protest federal virus restrictions.
Posted at 11:13 AM, Mar 07, 2022

A large group of truck drivers who object to COVID-19 mandates drove two loops around the beltway surrounding Washington, D.C., Sunday, deliberately moving slowly to impact traffic and make their feelings known to lawmakers in the nation's capital.

People crowded onto overpasses, waving at the “People’s Convoy" and holding signs and American flags.

Within the convoy, there were tractor-trailers with horns blaring and some recreational vehicles and pickup trucks occasionally going by, mixed with the normal traffic on Interstate 495 in Maryland.

The convoy was moving normally — albeit slowly — and while some congestion was noted, news outlets reported traffic was able to flow around the convoy. Many vehicles had American flags, while some flew Don’t Tread on Me banners.

The convoy follows similar demonstrations by truckers in Canada who are upset at vaccine requirements to cross the Canadian border. Officials with state police in Maryland and Virginia have said they will monitor the activities.

Authorities in the District of Columbia said Sunday they are monitoring demonstration activity that is expected to begin disrupting travel on roadways in and around the region.

The majority of the activity is expected to occur on the beltway. Travelers were advised to consider alternate modes of transportation.

Additional reporting by The Associated Press.