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Okla. Woman's $5K Tax Return Deposited In Wrong Account

An Oklahoma woman was reportedly given the wrong account information by her bank teller, and her tax return money was deposited in another account.
Posted at 12:41 PM, May 07, 2015

It's something just about everyone looks forward to.

"Without this money, I could lose everything," Melissa told a KJRH reporter.

That extra cash sent your way via your tax refund. But one Tulsa, Oklahoma, woman is having trouble getting her hands on the money that is rightfully hers.

As our partners at KJRH report, this woman, Melissa, was informed a few weeks ago she'd be receiving a $5,300 refund.

The issue? The money was posted to someone else's account.

"It really hurts. It's upsetting. Because I don't want to lose my house," Melissa said. 

As Melissa tells it, she didn't know the bank account number and routing number needed to file her tax returns. When she asked a Bank of America teller, she was given the wrong account number.

Melissa got suspicious when it took longer than expected for the tax return money to post to her account. That's when she discovered the mistake.


Since then, Melissa has contacted the bank several times — reportedly with little luck.

"They're blowing me off, basically, is the way I feel," Melissa said. 

Reaching out on Melissa's behalf, KJRH was told that the bank couldn't simply take the money out of the wrong account and put it in Melissa's — but it will work it out in a few days.

While this might have been a mistake on Melissa and her bank's part, the IRS is not infallible and does make mistakes.

According to financial site Bankrate.com, if there's a discrepancy on your return you just can't figure out, the best course of action is to contact the IRS.

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