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Obama On Getting 'Older And Creakier'

The president tells retired NBA star Charles Barkley he's begun limiting some physical activity due to aging's effects.
Posted at 4:17 PM, Feb 17, 2014

It seems even presidents aren't immune to the aches and pains of aging. 

President Obama recently told retired NBA star Charles Barkley he's limiting activities like basketball to around once a month. (Via The White House)

"You just get a little older and creakier. The second thing is, you've got to start thinking about elbows and you break your nose right before a State of the Union address." (Via TNT)

Obama is 52 years young and is said to spend 45 minutes on a typical workout. He told Men's Health he tries to get six days a week in. 

Still — there's no denying he's done some graying while in office. On the left, his first-term portrait. And on the right — just a few years later — the second-term portrait

He's been humble about aging, though, in 2012 joking that soccer superstar David Beckham was doing it better.

OBAMA: "We're getting old, man! But you're doing it better than me!" (Via CBS)

And fun fact — he may be feeling older and creakier, but at the time of his first inauguration he was among the top 10 youngest presidents in American history. (Via U.S. Navy