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NSA Shooting May Have Resulted From Wrong Turn

One person is dead and two are injured after the driver of an SUV struck a police vehicle at the National Security Agency on Monday morning.
Posted at 12:00 AM, Mar 31, 2015

We now know more about the shooting that took place at the National Security Agency in Fort Meade, Maryland Monday morning.

"We have heard that they had been at a Jessup motel and may have taken that car — stolen it if you will — without someone's permission," WMAR's Jeff Hager said.

That has since been confirmed by several media outlets. The New York Times quotes a member of law enforcement who said the SUV's owner had spent the night in a hotel with the two men. On Monday the two men stole the SUV and "exited I-295 at the special N.S.A. exit, which is closed to the public."

Our partners at WMAR say there was cocaine and a weapon found "in or near the suspects' car." One of the suspects was killed and the other was injured — an NSA officer was also injured in the crash.

According to The Washington Post, law enforcement officials say shots were fired after the driver of the SUV "ignored police commands to stop." It's still unclear if the death was a result of the gunfire or the crash. 

Officials immediately detained reporters, keeping them about a mile or more away, according to Fox News. Detainment continued throughout the day, so the only images we were getting from the incident were from news helicopters. 

"This facility is very secure," CNN reporter said. "They keep the security gate quite far from the building on purpose, so you will have a gate like this hundreds of yards away from the facility." 

According to its website, the installation at Fort Meade houses around 11,000 military personnel and 29,000 civilian employees. The FBI and NSA continue to investigate the incident. (Video via WMAR)