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North Carolina Court Blocks Current Congressional District Map

The three-judge panel said there's a "strong likelihood" voters could prove beyond a reasonable doubt GOP-drawn districts were gerrymandered.
Posted at 8:45 AM, Oct 29, 2019

North Carolina's 2020 congressional elections won't take place under its current congressional map. 

A Superior Court issued a preliminary injunction against it Monday, saying there's a "strong likelihood" plaintiffs could prove beyond a reasonable doubt the districts are "extreme partisan gerrymanders" favoring Republicans. 

The judges went on to say the state's legislature should "adopt an expeditious process" to redraw the map. 

The State Congressional Board set a deadline for new lines for December 15. 

The judges said they may delay all or some of the primaries if lines aren't redrawn in time. 

Primary elections start on March 3. 

GOP members currently hold 10 of 13 state congressional seats, yet the state's popular vote showed a near split between Democratic and Republican votes.  

Three Republican defendants on the case, and three sitting Republican House representatives opposed the injunction request. 

The lawsuit is backed by the National Democratic Redistricting Committee. It's headed by former Attorney General Eric Holder. 

He tweeted about the injunction calling it a "significant victory for the people."