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Newlywed Watches As Wife Base Jumps To Her Death

A Utah woman is dead after attempting to base jump from a mountain in Zion National Park. Her husband watched as her parachute failed to open.
Posted at 7:49 AM, Feb 10, 2014

A tragic end to a newlywed's day of base jumping. Twenty-eight-year-old Amber Bellows' husband watched as she fell almost 2,000 feet to her death. 

The pair had only been married for two weeks and base jumping was a hobby friends say they enjoyed doing together. The accident happened Saturday at Utah's Zion National Park. (Via KSTU)

This is video of Bellows and husband Clayton Butler base jumping from late last year — it's an activity where people jump from a fix object then open a parachute to break the fall. (Via YouTube / Joshua Lloyd

But Butler told park officials his wife's parachute failed to open after she jumped from Mount Kinesava over the weekend.  

"Clayton told investigators he jumped after her but could not reach her. He hiked out of the park for four hours to reach park rangers, but he would have to wait until the following day for them to recover her body." (Via KSL-TV)

This was the first ever fatality from base jumping at Zion National Park. PARK RANGER: "Base jumping is not allowed at Zion National Park, so they really shouldn't have been doing it anyway." (Via KUTV)

Base jumping is actually illegal at all national parks and Clayton Butler is now under investigation.