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N.J. Man Says Atlantic City Restaurant Served Him Toxic Beer

A New Jersey man is suing an Atlantic City restaurant after he says they served him a beer laced with corrosive cleaning fluid.
Posted at 6:30 PM, Dec 16, 2015

A retired New Jersey police officer says he nearly died after drinking a pint of beer in 2012. Three years later, he's locked in a legal battle with the restaurant which supposedly served it to him.

"No one would ever expect to go into a restaurant and have this happen to them," Richard Washart said.

53-year-old Richard Washart sat down for a beer at the McCormick and Schmick's restaurant in Atlantic City on November 6, 2012. But he told WCAU that after just one drink, he felt a burning sensation in his mouth and rushed to the bathroom, where he began projectile vomiting blood.

The incident landed Washart in the hospital for a week; he suspects his beer was contaminated with a corrosive chemical used to clean the lines. He's now suing the restaurant for unspecified damages.

The restaurant chain has issued a statement, which reads in part: "Mr. Washart and his attorneys have been unable to provide a shred of evidence proving that McCormick and Schmick did anything wrong. Moreover, no other person who drank tap beer on that day experienced any issues."

This video includes an image from M.O. Stevens / CC BY SA 3.0