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N.J. Forest Fires Force 600 Home Evacuations

Firefighters are working to contain more than half a dozen fires in the Jersey Shore region. More than 600 homes have been evacuated.
Posted at 10:27 AM, Apr 25, 2014

Firefighters in New Jersey face strong winds and dry conditions as they work to contain more than half a dozen fires in the Jersey Shore region. 

One of those fires forced authorities to evacuate more than 600 homes 45 miles south of New York City. Residents, however, were allowed to return late Thursday evening after the blaze had been contained. (Via WCBS)

According to WABC, officials with the New Jersey Fire Service say that only one fire was still burning out of control as of Friday morning. That fire is currently about 80 percent contained. They hoped to have it 100 percent contained by around midday Friday.

April is known as fire month in New Jersey, as the combination of low humidity and strong winds provide the perfect conditions to spread brush fires quickly out of control. 

But this year's fires have already consumed more than 2,200 acres — more than triple the ground of the year prior. New Jersey has dealt with 377 forest fires so far this year, which is slightly down from the 383 fires it battled up to the same period last year. (Via Fox News)

And while the latest round of fires are now for the most part contained, officials have warned residents to be wary driving through those areas as smoky, windy conditions are making visibility difficult. (Via WNBC)

Minor structure damage has been reported, but there have been no injuries. Firefighters say they've managed to prevent flames from engulfing entire homes and businesses.