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Mother And Daughter Survive Accident With 18-Wheeler

An accident between a car and a UPS truck on the Pennsylvania Turnpike looked like it could have been a tragedy, but as it turns out, everyone was OK.
Posted at 12:26 PM, May 12, 2015

An 18-wheeler slams into a car on the highway, trapping the smaller vehicle underneath its trailer before being able to stop — it's the kind of accident you might only expect the worst from. (Video via UPS)

It happened to Cathrenia Moening and her mother on the Pennsylvania Turnpike on Monday after a UPS freight truck slammed into their Mazda Miata. And in this case, they both survived. (Video via WPXI)

Philadelphia's WCAU got the full story and spoke to Moening after the crash.

"I looked at my mom, and I looked at me, and I just thought, 'We're alive!' And I just thought, 'This is absolutely miraculous,'" Cathrenia Moening told WCAU.

According to WPVI, Moening's 78-year-old mother was able to get out of the vehicle on her own. Moening had to be cut out by multiple rescue crews.

"Moments later, a kiss from the husband who had rushed to the scene," reported WCAU's George Spencer.

Another survival story involving a semitrailer accident might trump Moening's, though.

In January, a pileup on Oregon's Interstate 84 involved more than 25 cars. In one of them was Kaleb Whitby, who was wedged between two semitrailers while still inside his pickup truck. 

"You look over and you see the lights and I turned right back closed my eyes and said a prayer I'd be safe," Whitby told CNN.

Moening and her mother were taken to the hospital after the crash, but both are expected to be OK.