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Mom Hits Baby With NERF Gun. Yep.

Chayleene Robbins was having a NERF gun battle with her fiance when she decided to see how her 10-month-old would react to being hit with a soft dart.
Posted at 12:46 PM, Jan 13, 2015

Little 10-month-old Luna looks kind of excited for this NERF gun. Then, not so much. (Video via YouTube / RavenDark92)

She doesn't cry, and recovers at the end, getting that same excited face. 

We spoke to Luna's momma, Chayleene Robbins on Skype, and she told us how she was inspired to, you know ... whack her baby with a NERF gun.

"Me and my fiance, her dad, we were having a NERF gun war with the crossbow NERF and, um, she was really interested into that, so I was like, 'maybe I'll just point it at her and see what she does,' and then she started doing that, so I thought, 'maybe I'll just shoot her and see what her reaction is?'" Robbins said.

Robbins said it was a very, very soft NERF dart or she wouldn't have done it at all, but she did receive some backlash for the video: 

"A few people here and there that I know in my personal circle have said 'oh, that's so mean,' but everyone else has loved it," Robbins said.

Aside from the cost of the NERF gun, it's pretty much free entertainment.

This video includes video from YouTube / RavenDark92, images from Chayleene Robbins and music from Marco Trovatello / CC BY NC 3.0.