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Woman's Mobile Hair Salon Offers Look Into Front Lines Of Pandemic

When salons shut down in the pandemic, De'quoia Freeman of Tennessee launched a mobile hair salon.
Posted at 2:14 PM, Mar 09, 2022

When salons unplugged the hair dryers and flat irons, and the pandemic compelled Tennessee to send stylists home, licensed cosmetologist De'quoia Freeman found herself moving full speed into an untraditional business.Freeman launched a mobile salon called Culture Hair Design. Her pursuit began in March 2020.“That's when everyone went home. I was really scared — where am I going to get money?” Freeman said.“It started with a dream,” she explained. “I was on a bus, and I was driving it and I was just like pulling up to the clients.”After Freeman woke up, she researched mobile salon requirements and soon she was arms deep into her project.“I took a leap of faith because I knew that I couldn't work, but I still needed to get to my clients. So, I took all my savings out and I bought this mobile camper. And I just started building every day,” Freeman said.Freeman says this was always her calling.“I feel like I was on the front line, and taking that risk factor. I really feel like it was necessary, though, because we love our hair,” she said. “Think about it; it gives us confidence. When our crown is feeling good, we're feeling good.”Freeman says she has plans to expand by helping a variety of clientele, including the homeless.  “You never know what the future may come. I’m mobile, so I can go anywhere,” said Freeman.When those salon lights were allowed to come back on, Freeman decided to keep her business rolling. And she has no plans on stopping.