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Missing man thought to have taken raft trip down Colorado River with his Welsh corgi

National Park Police say a car belonging to Thomas L. Robison of Santa Fe, New Mexico was found abandoned in the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.
Missing Person bulletin for Thomas Lee Robison.
Posted at 10:01 PM, Apr 25, 2024

A New Mexico man has gone missing, and is last thought to have taken a raft trip down the Colorado River with his dog. National Park Police say his abandoned 2001 Toyota Tacoma was found on April 21 at Lee's Ferry in the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.

Thomas Lee Robison is thought to have taken that raft trip with his Welsh corgi on a raft he constructed himself, police say. Authorities said they did not have many more leads on Robison's whereabouts days after he was last seen, and released recent images of Robinson and his dog to urge the public to help.


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Robison is 58 years old with brown hair and hazel eyes, is 5 feet, 10 inches tall and weighs 160 pounds, according to a Missing Person bulletin posted online by park officials.
Anyone with information about the case is asked to call Grand Canyon Dispatch at (928) 638-7805. The National Park Service said it had been conducting a missing person search within Grand Canyon National Park.

The Colorado River, along with three smaller tributaries, supplies water to the Lake Mead reservoir just outside of Las Vegas. The river is well-known for supplying adventure seekers with some significant whitewater rapids, and if it were possible — as Western River Expeditions puts it — the sizable waterway would take rafters past five national parks if traveled all the way through.

Groups have tracked numerous accidents and drownings in the Grand Canyon and along the Colorado River over the decades, including in an analysis supplied by one accident attorney firm. Adventure seekers are urged to alwayswear life vests and to be prepared in a number of ways for the rough rapids of the river and the cold water temperatures.

Park authorities continued their search for Robison through Thursday and continued to ask for the public's help with any leads on his whereabouts and how to make contact with the Santa Fe man.