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Miami Beach breaks up with spring breakers: 'It's not us; it's you'

To take it up a notch and ensure their exes don't come back begging for another chance, city officials also implemented new safety regulations.
City of Miami Beach code enforcement and police officers patrol along Ocean Drive.
Posted at 7:58 PM, Mar 04, 2024

Ever felt the sting of a breakup? Now, imagine a whole city giving you the cold shoulder. 

That's the pain this year's spring breakers are facing after Miami Beach sent out a very public and very strong breakup message in a new ad campaign.

In a video showing what appears to be Florida locals talking to potential spring breakers, it begins with the classic breakup words we've all heard before: "Hey, we need to talk. This isn't working anymore, and it's not us; it's you."

The campaign comes a year after Miami Beach declared a state of emergency during a spring break that saw back-to-back shootings and the third consecutive year of emergency actions to manage the unruly crowds. Overall, the Miami Beach police reported a total of 573 arrests during spring break in 2023, according to the New York Times. 

"Our idea of a good time is relaxing on the beach, hitting up a spa, or checking out a new restaurant. You just want to get drunk in public and ignore laws. Do you even remember what happened last March? That was a breaking point. So we're breaking up with you!," the video continues, asking the spring breakers to not even think about crawling back into the city to apologize.

To take it up a notch and ensure their exes don't come back begging for another chance, city officials implemented new safety regulations, which include curfews, random bag checks, restricted beach access, DUI checkpoints, $100 parking fees and towing rates of up to $516. They will also ramp up law enforcement efforts, with a strong focus on policing drug possession and violence. 

“The measures I proposed approved by our Commission will ensure that our residents, businesses, and visitors are safe and thrive during Spring Break,” said Miami Beach Mayor Steven Meiner in a press release. “Everyone is invited to enjoy the beauty and hospitality of our City. But we are a law and order City and we will enforce our laws all year round, including during March’s Spring Break.”

The spring break holiday period usually spans from Mar. 2 through Mar. 31, but the actual schedule varies for each college, university, and county school district.