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Local Newscast 'Dive-Bombed' By Bat Live On Air

Anchors at Tennessee's WATE were taken a-bat when a live bat flew through their studio on live TV. But the station totally embraced the encounter.
Posted at 1:22 PM, Sep 11, 2014

We've got an exclusive, first-look clip of the new "Batman" movie.

"Did you see it? There it is again!"


"There it is again! Man, we're all jumpin' around."


"OK. OK, get him out, Wayne!"

"I cannot handle this."

OK, not the movie, but a bat on live TV is just about as good. 

Look closely — that bat took over the studio of WATE in Knoxville Wednesday morning.

You saw the anchors flip, and we love how WATE fully embraced the fact that everyone on set went, well, batty.

The team followed up the morning show with a package on the spooky "local lore" of the TV station and interviewed the anchors about the bat attack — check it out on WATE.com.

And on the station'sYouTube channel, footage of the finally captured bat.

It apparently took hours for animal experts to find and snag the little guy. 

Despite the bat's tiny size, outlets were quick to pick up on its aggressive nature with headlines about it "dive-bombing" the WATE anchors. Of course, it was also just being a bat and ... flying around. 

As Metro importantly noted, "No employees were harmed during the ordeal."

Live news goofs do happen often, but a bat? Not every day. 

Though we remember one — from earlier this year, actually — on WEYI.

"If you see me duck-and-covering, did you see that? It's a bat flying in the studio right now. ... Out of the South and Southwest, there goes the bat again."

If only Ben Affleck were around to save us all.