Dylan Mulvaney returns to social media after Bud Light backlash

Mulvaney thanked her supporters for standing by her side and added that she will continue to share aspects of her life online.
Dylan Mulvaney
Posted at 3:25 PM, Apr 28, 2023

Trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney made her first public comments on social media since facing backlash for partnering with Bud Light for an ad. 

Mulvaney was targeted, mostly in conservative circles, after she posted an ad for Bud Light during the NCAA Basketball Tournament. Some conservatives who traffic in anti-trans rhetoric called for a boycott of Bud Light after seeing the ad. 

"A lot has been said about me, some of which is so far from my truth that I was like hearing my name and I didn't even know who they were talking about sometimes," Mulvaney said.

Kid Rock made one of the biggest statements in response to the ad. He posted a video on social media of him shooting Bud Light cans. 

Bud Light beer cans

Reports: Bud Light marketing exec takes leave after boycott calls

After Bud Light partnered with Dylan Mulvaney for promotional posts in an effort to attract a younger audience, the ad led to right-wing criticism.


“It was so loud that I didn’t even feel part of the conversation. So, I decided to take the back seat and let them tucker themselves out,” Mulvaney said. 

Mulvaney has more than 10 million followers on TikTok and nearly 2 million on Instagram. She said that she returned to social media so her followers could hear how she's been handling the ordeal.

"It's OK to be frustrated with someone or confused, but what I'm struggling to understand the need to dehumanize and to be cruel," she said. "I just don't think that's right."

Mulvaney went on to thank her supporters for standing by her side in the face of attacks. She said she will continue to share aspects of her life on social media.