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Late New York City Heiress Leaves Her Nail Technician $50K

A New York heiress left her nail technician $50,000 in her will. Other heiresses have also given sizable sums to people outside of their families.
Posted at 11:36 AM, Sep 24, 2015

A New York City nail technician just learned that one of her late clients left her a sizable sum.

New York Daily News reports 72-year-old Karen Parker Gray, who died in August, left her nail tech Jenny Kim a whopping $50,000.

Kim told the publication that Gray, who was an heiress, had been her client for the past 12 years.

Gray certainly isn't the only heiress to give money to non-family members.

Back in 2011, ABC reported Huguette Clark, who died at age 104 in New York City, left her nurse $34 million.

And Ruth T. Bedford, whose family worked for an oil company, left the Foxcroft School in Virginia $40 million in her will after she died in 2014. Bedford had graduated from the all-girls school in 1932.

New life goal: make friends with an heiress.

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