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Key Players In O.J. Simpson Trial: Where Are They Now?

Two decades after the trial of the century, Newsy gives you the latest on all of the trial's central figures.
Posted at 6:29 PM, Jun 08, 2014

June marks the 20th anniversary of the trial that would consume America for the next 16 months after watching a low-speed police chase with a white Ford Bronco — Kim Goldman, Johnnie Cochran, Kato Kaelin, O.J. Simpson, these are just a few of the people in "The Trial of the Century". But where are they now?

The infamous man himself, probably not without noticing the irony, has been in prison since 2008 for a kidnapping and armed robbery conviction in Las Vegas. (Via Fox News)

​He won parole in July of last year, which reduced his sentence from its maximum of 33 years to only nine, giving him four more years in prison. (Via CBS)

More recently, the Los Angeles Times reports that O.J. filed a second appeal in May after his first was rejected last year.

Johnnie Cochran, known for defending Simpson by spouting the one-liner "If it doesn't fit, you must acquit", wrote a memoir called "A Lawyer's Life" before he passed away in 2005 from a brain tumor. (Via Court TV / truTV)

Simpson's close friend Robert Kardashian was known for taking a clothing bag from the crime scene and appearing on television shortly before the police chase to read a letter from Simpson that sounded suspiciously like a suicide note. (Via MSNBC)

​Kardashian, whose daughters' fame has eclipsed his own by now, died in 2003 from esophageal cancer. (Via ABC)

Ron Goldman's sister Kim could be seen weeping when judge read the not guilty verdict during Simpson's trial. Her family relentlessly pursued Simpson in court for more than a decade after the trial. (Via CNN)

Kim now runs the SCV Youth Project, a non-profit youth outreach organization for troubled teens.

And Daily Express took a look at her memoir published last month titled "Can't Forgive: My 20-Year Battle With O.J. Simpson" where she describes an intense moment when she had the chance to run O.J. Simpson over in a parking lot after the trial.

"America's most famous house guest" Kato Kaelin was staying at Simpson's house the night of the murder. He was criticized for giving an unclear and inconsistent testimony on what he recalled that night. (Via ABC)

Since the trial, he's appeared on different TV and radio shows as a guest. He recently spoke with the Los Angeles Times looking back on the trial where he defended himself against an interview he says he never gave saying Simpson definitely did it.

But what about the infamous glove that didn't fit — where's that at now? Don't worry, KCBS has got you covered: 

"Nearly 20 years later CBS2 has the first up close look at that iconic pivotal glove. ... Wearing his own set of gloves, the archivist displayed the infamous evidence of the Simpson case."

Simpson attempted to publish a book titled "If I Did It" in 2006 but ultimately had to give up the rights to the Goldman family where the title was changed to "If I Did It: Confessions of the Killer".