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KC Police Arrest Highway Shooting Suspect

The man hasn't been identified or formally charged, but police think he may be connected to several highway shooting incidents.
Posted at 10:29 PM, Apr 17, 2014

"We have somebody in custody and that person has not been charged." 

Kansas City Police Chief Darryl Forte spoke briefly to reporters Thursday night, but said authorities have apprehended a man believed to be connected to at least a dozen Kansas City highway shootings. (Via KSHB)

The Kansas City Star reports about 30 officers carried out a search warrant at a residence in Grandview, Mo. Neighbors told the Star the man who lived at the home "kept to himself and would come and go at odd hours of the night." 

Authorities also towed away a dark green Dodge Neon from the residence. A reporter for KSHB tweeted that the car matches the description of a "mysterious green sedan" seen by many of the shooting victims. (Via Twitter / @GarrettHaake)

The arrest comes a week after police connected a dozen of nearly 20 highway shootings that date back to 2013. Authorities found a pattern of cars being hit near exit ramps or road splits. (Via KCTV)

Three people sustained non life-threatening injuries before the last shooting was reported April 6. Chief Forte reiterated the suspect has not been charged and a name hasn't been released. Authorities plan to hold a news conference Friday to divulge more information.