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Joan Rivers Isn't Sorry For Joke About Cleveland Kidnapping

Joan Rivers says she won't apologize for comparing living in her daughter's guest room to being held captive by Cleveland kidnapper Ariel Castro.
Posted at 9:55 AM, Apr 24, 2014

We're used to Joan Rivers offending people.

But she took it to a whole new level on NBC's "Today" show Tuesday when she compared living in her daughter Melissa's guest room to being held captive by Cleveland kidnapper Ariel Castro. (Via WE tv / "Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best?", ABC)

"Those women in the basement in Cleveland had more space. I mean, it is just the worst. Too soon?" (Via NBC)

Rivers' comment got a lot of backlash online. (Via Twitter)

But no one was more upset than the Cleveland kidnapping victims themselves.

Attorneys for Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus issued a statement Wednesday that Rivers' comment was "a new low" and that she should apologize for the "hurtful" and "shocking" joke. (Via YouTube / HennesPaynterComm)

Berry, DeJesus and a third woman, Michelle Knight, escaped last year from the home where Ariel Castro held them hostage and tortured them for years. (Via People)

But Rivers told several media outlets she refuses to apologize for the line.

During an interview with The Plain Dealer Wednesday, she said: "I'm a comedienne. I know what those girls went through. It was a little, stupid joke. There is nothing to apologize for. I made a joke. That's what I do. Calm down."

And then she took things to a new level, telling TMZ Berry and DeJesus shouldn't complain because "they got to live rent free for more than a decade."

A writer for Jezebel isn't buying the explanation. "This is Rivers's schtick now, I guess. Finding the most inappropriate, horrible and shocking topic to make a joke about and then driving up some attention for herself and whatever she's plugging."

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