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Hunter Biden to sit for deposition with House committee

House Republicans said they will also be speaking with other Biden family members and associates in the coming weeks.
Hunter Biden leaving a House Oversight Committee hearing.
Posted at 5:40 PM, Jan 18, 2024

After weeks of back and forth and the threat of contempt charges, Hunter Biden has reportedly agreed to sit for a deposition with the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability and the House Judiciary Committee. 

Chairmen James Comer and Jim Jordan said the deposition will take place on Feb. 28. 

The Republicans are probing potential links between Hunter Biden and President Joe Biden's business dealings. 

House Republicans have so far failed to produce evidence linking President Biden to corruption or illegal activity. 

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene talks to Scripps News about Hunter Biden
Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene speaks with Scripps News

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene talks to Scripps News about Hunter Biden

Scripps News spoke with Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene about Hunter Biden's discussions with the House Oversight Committee.


"As part of the impeachment inquiry of President Joe Biden, the Committees on Oversight and Accountability and Judiciary will conduct transcribed interviews with several Biden family members and associates in the coming weeks," the joint statement from Comer and Jordan said. 

Hunter Biden had previously refused to appear for a deposition, saying he wanted to testify in public. He has accused House Republicans of trying to link his business dealings to his father in an effort to discredit him ahead of the 2024 presidential election. 

"My father was not financially involved in my business, not as a practicing lawyer, not as a board member of Burisma, not in my partnership with a Chinese private businessman, not in my investments at home nor abroad," Hunter Biden said in December. 

Hunter Biden is currently charged with nine tax-related crimes, including filing a false return, tax evasion, failure to file and failure to pay. He has pleaded not guilty.