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This Woman Is Walking Across The US To Help Homeless Veterans

Kim Denmark knows veteran homelessness is a problem. So she's walking to fix it.
Posted at 4:57 PM, Mar 27, 2018

This woman gets to homeless veterans and others in need by walking. Kim Denmark has already been to 16 different states, pounding out thousands of miles.

She finds homeless veterans and connects them with the help they need, such as housing, medical treatment and jobs. There are often already resources in their communities, so she seeks out those living on the street and encourages them to take the step to ask for help.

She told WTVT she knew she needed to do more for those in need after throwing change at a homeless man years ago. She knew she wasn't doing enough.

So she started her self-funded mission to walk across the continental U.S. Now, she logs about 10 miles a day and also accepts donations.

Denmark's work has touched hundreds of lives and has inspired a small army of volunteers in communities around the country working to do what they can. 

She has been put in some challenging situations, including experiencing racist comments. 

She can recall numerous examples of the people she's come across; some have even gotten back in touch with her to tell their success stories. 

"That is all she needed to get on her feet, and today she is working at Kroger; she is now a manager," Denmark says of one person.