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Police Release Video Of El Cajon Shooting

The footage shows officers confronting Alfred Olango before one of them shoots him.
Posted at 8:42 PM, Sep 30, 2016

Police in El Cajon, California, have released surveillance video showing the moment officers fatally shot Alfred Olango.

The video shows Olango darting back and forth in the street as an officer approaches him. A second officer arrives, and the two corner Olango. One officer fires a taser at him. The other fires a gun.

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Police say Olango went into a "shooting stance" and pointed an object at the officers before he was shot. That object later turned out to be a vape pen.

Olango's death on Tuesday has triggered several days of protest in El Cajon, some of which turned unruly. Demonstrators have demanded police release footage of the shooting and open a federal investigation into Olango's death.

The city advised all downtown businesses to close early Friday because of the release of the video.