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Why It Matters What's In Food Pantries

One organization has a plan to put healthier food on the shelves.
Posted at 3:10 PM, Jun 06, 2017

Healthy choices often aren't on the shelves of food pantries. 

But pantries are trying to combat that. Take, for example, Feeding America — the largest U.S. organization working to reduce hunger.

Feeding America has committed to making fruits and veggies about half of the total pounds it gives out. 

Research shows that those in poverty are more at risk for diseases and a shorter life expectancy. Diet plays a part in that.

Feeding America found that a lot of people who use food banks have high blood pressure or diabetes.

Without fridges, it can be hard to offer healthier food. And sometimes food banks and pantries don't have ways to store perishable goods.

But canning food is one way to preserve food until it can get into the hands of someone in need. Feeding America plans to look into this and other methods for preserving food.

The organization says food-bank clients wanthealthier food, and this might be a step toward helping them get it.