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This Latte Art Makes Coffee Too Pretty To Drink — Almost

Latte art competitions are becoming more popular, so we went to one.
Posted at 1:10 PM, Nov 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-15 13:10:00-05

These baristas are throwing it down and making coffee almost too pretty to drink. All for a friendly competition on latte art. 

Latte art competitions are becoming more popular. At this one in Columbia, Missouri, the audience can score the leftover drinks for free. 

"We start with 8 ounces, which are the bigger ones, usually easier to pour into, and we go all the way to 3-ounce cups, which makes it significantly more difficult because you have to pull art in such a small space," latte art competition organizer Kaley Gann said.  

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So, what makes good latte art? Quite a few things, like symmetry, contrast, overall aesthetic and difficulty level. But it all comes down to the judges and the specific competition. 

"A simple heart could beat out a really extravagant design if it meets all of those criteria," Gann said. 

We know we need to seriously up our game, so we asked for some tips. 

"Well, steamed milk is really important. Usually it's easier to get that contrast and have that white pop," Gann said.